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Cunard Line, 10th Birthday Celebrations of Queen Mary 2 started in Lisbon, Portugal. Amazing challenge of proximity, security, safety and an excellent final result. 


Cunard Line, 10th Birthday Celebration Queen Mary 2

Algarve Helicopters on MotoGP Portugal 2020. Operating in coordination with DORNA, images for live streaming & worldwide broadcast. 


Paddock, Algarve Helicopters
Helicopter in the Ocean, Algarve, Portugal

Sagres Helicopter Flight Experience

Sagres is located at the extreme western of Algarve. The landscapes are mainly nature´s raw power, intensive summer sun while the raging sea carves the immense amount of cliffs.

Leaving from Loulé you will fly till Sagres which is primarly a surfing turbulent sea destination, hiking along the amazing cliffside trails or even deserted roads perfect for cycling. This is the top Algarve Helicopters flight experience ! Unique, different, with time to see and enjoy the adrenaline . Why is a unforgettable experience? Because you will remind it for years.

Lagos Helicopter Flight Experience

Lagos is known by the amazing gastronomy. Travelers love lagos due to the nightlife, however its an amazing flight experience while flying.

After take off from Loulé, you will go by the interior seeing an amazing landscape views till Lagos. People loves this city due to diversity of activities, accommodation options and moments to relax. The return will make made by the coastline . Amazing beaches of white sand, powerful colors of Atlantic Ocean and inland. Its always a pleasure to visit Lagos and even more during a flight experience.

Algarve Helicopters
Algarve Helicopters Beach Ocean

Albufeira Flight Experience

Albufeira Helicopter flight experience is the smallest moment you will have with Algarve Helicopters.

Has a duration of 30 minutes, since the take off till landing at Miguel Barros Heliport in Loulé. You will meet this spot in a highest perspective while flying. You take memories from this trip while you are inside the helicopter in this unique moment. Albufeira is located in the centre of Algarve. Algarve Helicopters flight experiences ? Because we and you love to fly!

Helicopter Transfers?

We provide helicopter transfers with total safety and following the national and international regulation. 

Besides Algarve Helicopters flight experiences we can land on official heliports and helipoints.  We follow the national and international regulation. For a maximum of 5 passengers per trip, we guarantee the high standards of transportation.

Algarve Helicopters, About
Algarve Helicopters Port

Corporate team building event?

If you are searching for a different moment and unique experience for your team building, you find it! 

Besides Algarve Helicopters flight experiences to Sagres, Lagos and Albufeira, we can customize the flights with total safety for your team.

Share with us your ideia and we will propose you the experience tailor made for your time schedule. By default departures are from Heliport Miguel Barros, however we can always study different solutions.