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About Algarve Helicopters

Algarve Helicopters born from a partnership with a local company. Aims to share the experience of flying and see Algarve in Portugal in a different way, by air.

Portugal is more than excellent beaches, weather, food. We share the unique sensation of flying over the South of Portugal.

We propose helicopter team building events, cargo special operations and shooting. Experiences from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, you have three flight experiences.

Flying in Algarve, Atlantic Ocean
Algarve Helicopters, About

Algarve Helicopters is a partnership of SSMB Lda with HTA Portugal. Nine helicopters to fly which will provide amazing sensations.

Founded in 1996
, has operations in Portugal and Spain, covering other countries by request. River or Atlantic views, cities or rural areas, we thought what would be unique for you.

Our pilots have thousand of hours flight. The main concern is safety of our team and customers in our flight experiences and services. 

is our and yours responsabillity. We emphasise this concern in our briefings on daily basis.

Join us at our social media channels. We are present on Instagram and Facebook. Discover the pleasure to see unique images from the sky with us. Questions you may have, send us an email or contact us.

About our services

Albufeira Fly Experience has a duration of 30 minutes. After departure we will go by the interior to Albufeira, returning by the shore through Praia da Falésia, Vilamoura and to Loulé once again.

Lagos Fly Experience : 
departure from our base in direction to Lagos by the interior, while return by the coast. You will see Portimão, Praia da Falésia and Vilamoura. Duration 45 minutes.

Sagres Flight Experience
 : The premium flight experience with 90 minutes. Departure from Heliport of Loulé, you will fly till Sagres and return by the coastline . Amazing pictures, sightseeing, different way to view Algarve while you visit our country.

At the moment, we have suspended till October 2022 flight experiences due to fire national prevention. 

Algarve Helicopters

Algarve Helicopters is a registered brand by SSMB – Serviços Intercidades, Nacionais e Internacionais, Lda ( VAT Nr. 503727881 ),
which operates with License : RNAAT nº7/2005, RNAVT Nº 8775 and IMT Nº200326
in partnership with HTA Helicópteros Lda. In conclusion, we will fly together.