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Cunard Line,
Queen Mary 2, 10th Birthday Celebrations

Cunard challenge us ! Lisbon received till 2019 more than 300 cruise ships, people anxious to know more about the Portuguese capital.

During 6 to 9 hours visitors taste and learn the local culture, enjoying the beautiful scenarios to take some pictures and enjoy the moments they spent in Portugal.

Cruise Ships usually dock in Alfama / Santa Apolónia district in Lisbon. Since the investment made by Lisbon Port, that proximity to the downtown increases the time people can have inland.

Proximity, accessibility, security are just some of the key figures in Lisbon Cruise Port.  Cruise ships operators, travel agencies, tourism operators and travelers have much better conditions. 

Cunard Line, 10th Birthday Celebration Queen Mary 2

Cunard Line ships in Lisbon

Cunard head-office is in the United Kingdom. Lisbon / Portugal is one of the worldwide destinations the company offers. In 2014, Lisbon was the stage for a unique moments.

Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria were at the same location for the first time in the history of Cunard. The goal? Leave Lisbon at the same time and produce a photo shoot and video shooting since they were celebrating 10th birth anniversary of Queen Mary 2.  

Cunard has his official photographer for promotional and institutional pictures for different goals. We were present with two helicopters flying over Lisbon, Tagus River and South margin of the river.

Three cruise ships leaving the Port of Lisbon is not easy task since requires safety and security for other ships, passengers and crew on board. We are talking about cruise ships with an average of 320 meters long , which means a line of 1.7 to 1.8 kms long leaving the Lisbon Port.

Shooting logistics

Synchronization was also important, since we have only one take to make it. The opposite of tv shows in which we can repeat takes if something is wrong.

Everything done one the first take and time left to shoot alignments 10 nautical miles away from Cascais, to have unique pictures of this moment.

Cunard also recorded the arrival of the cruise ships in Southampton producing the final piece for the celebration of 10 years in service of Queen Mary 2. We are proud of this job and show us that requirements are challenges in our business. Thanks so much Cunard.

Congratulations Cunard Line