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Helicopter Transfers

Helicopter Transfers offer flexibility compared with airlines, where you will find fixed schedules, while you can make your schedule of point-to-point travel.

We are specialists in Portugal, Spain and Dubai. Let us know your starting point and your destination, that we would be able to present you the best quote possible.

Highly adaptable and intelligently designed to answer to different requests, hiring a helicopter for transfers, you will be able to access to remote areas or cities.

Helicopters have the ability to land in heliports, private properties, hotels, golf courses, helipads and hotels.  If there is space enough and national authorities authorization.

Algarve Helicopters Beach Ocean

At Algarve Helicopters we do our best to ensure that you reach your destinations with safety and the most comfortable way possible.

Helicopter transfers, you choose your origin and destination. 

Helicopter Transfers,
You choose your schedule & trip.


Duration: depends of your needs, we will consider autonomy possible with or without stops to refuel.
Meeting Point : Your departure
Minimum N.of persons : 1 person
Maximum Nr of Persons: 5 persons
Price per Experience : changes according distance and flight duration.

Flight Restrictions :

Any helicopter flight experience of Algarve Helicopters are forbidden to kids with less than 2 years old (inclusive).
Pregnancy is not allowed due to the movements of the flight or reduced mobility due to security measures.

Heliport Miguel Barros


By default departures or arrivals are from Heliport Miguel Barros, however we can always study different solutions.